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My career journey into broadcast journalism started in 2014 when I interviewed artists and competition winners for a live exhibition which promoted small black businesses in Manchester. It was here that I got my first taste of presenting and I absolutely fell in love with it. From then, I pursued a career in radio until I finally completed my MA in TV Journalism in July 2020, where I was able to perfect my skills in producing, interviewing and visual storytelling in front and behind the camera.

Event Hosting 2016
Show reel rough cut

Skills: Visual Storytelling, Video editing via Adobe Premiere Pro, Logo and Image creation on Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign, Self-shooting packages and short films using Panasonic AG-AC90A, Sony NX100, Canon C100, Canon XF205, shooting video for Social Media and broadcast, Researching and Producing documentaries, Reporting, Copy writing for broadcast, Script writing, Data Journalism skills and more…

The Scrutiny Hour: Special Interviews

News Packages produced and filmed for City News

Laurie Cunningham Play Package

Shot by Amelia Weitzman

A news package covering the Laurie Cunningham play, The third degree commissioned by Kick it out. I produced, pitched and did the voice over for this story.

Beckenham Library News Package

Shot by me for London Live

A news packaged I shot and produced. The story was about the closing of a Beckenham Library in London which was broadcast and featured on London Live News.

London Air Pollution Package

A news packaged I produced on the air pollution crisis in London and whether new residents should receive a rent reduction when moving into high polluted areas.

Peoples March Package

Coverage of The Peoples March protest which took place in Central London against the Brexit referendum. I filmed, produced and directed the video.

Documentaries produced and directed for City News

New Documentary Alert!

Big Babies Documentary

Directed by Lisa Hanley, Produced by Sophia Wang and Reported by Abisoye Osundairo

Big Babies is a short film I directed during lockdown for my MA final project. The documentary explores the relationships between young adults aged 18 – 34 living with their parents. We look into the reasons why through various interesting case studies which were open enough to give us a birdseye view into their family life.

The Candidate Race Documentary

Produced by Lisa Hanley, Reported by Abisoye Osundairy, Directed by Sophia Wang

This was the first documentary I produced during the 2019 General Election. In this short documentary I challenged the falling number of BME candidates within the Conservative party. We discussed diversity with Matt Hancock and featured one of the second East Asian candidates to run for the Conservative party.

Documentaries produced for Thomson Reuters Foundation

Executive Produced by Martha Holeyman, Produced by Lisa Hanley, Edited and Filmed by Shanshan Chen

Filming for PA Media

Shot by me for PA Media
Shot by me for PA Media

Departure shots of Johnny Depp leaving High Court for case against The Sun

Video Journalist work for PA Media recording the departure of Johnny Depp. The footage was used by Reuters, E Entertainment News and Sky News Australia.

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