The first show I did with Relaks Radio where we discussed Megan and Harry, how she was being treated in the Press and whether diversity in the press could have seen a different result in her treatment?

We speak with a royal fanatic on whether the Megan’s treatment was racially fueled.

Tonight on the show we discussed Raines Foundation School Closure with former teacher and Raines campaign activist Mickey Ambrose. We spoke to Mickey about Tower Hamlets councils decision to close one of oldest schools on the East end and the challenge facing parents and teachers who appose the closure. We also spoke to Founder of the LGB Alliance, Kate Harris who told us her stance against trans rights and why the alliance has been expelled from the Labour party and branded as a hate group. (The sound is very low I will be uploading an edited version).

Dr Alan Robinson calls into the show for a chat about being diagnosed with autism at the age if 52 and removing the stigma of mental health! He was so awesome and he just so happens to work on space crafts 👌🏽😊 what you didn’t see was the amazing tech guys running around trying to ensure that you got to hear me! Thanks Relaks.

Lisa, Gary and Shandy discussing about marriage. To listen to rest of the show just download Relaks

On this episode I discussed the Jamaican deportation flights with Immigration Lawyer Jacqueline McKenzie and Director of Black Conscious Coventry group Nathaniel Presod.

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