Sink or SWim


If I had a pound for every person whose suggested that I start a blog, I’d probably have a very healthy piggy bank right now.

So I thought, why not?

Sometimes a certain amount of repetition in life can only be a universal sign for you to listen. So universe, I’m listening, and now joining the blogersphere.

Who knows, maybe I have something important to say?

About me, well, I’m a natural observer with a genuine interest in human behaviour and psychology.

London has always been of genuine interest to me as a writer as its a complete anomaly to me and an overt contradiction.

Its overpopulated, overpriced and super diverse – with some of the most richest and the poorest people in the UK. Its a city with some of the highest crime rates, biggest economic power and home of some of the most powerful startups – all living in one generally small space.

From the moment I stepped onto the concrete, I could feel that magnetic buzz that London is so infamous for. It was easy to understand why this city creates some of the biggest success stories because everyone genuinely work their hardest to live here.

People are focused, they stomp hard and fast and they are always rushing.

Somewhere to go and people to see.

There is no room for incompetency or daydreaming. Everybody hits the ground running, which is something  I have always respected.

But coming from Manchester, London’s more laid back little sister, for someone fascinated with people and social change, I was drawn to the to this city like a light like to a fly and before you know it, I became a resident.

Journalist. Writer. Producer

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