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Profit over lives: Travis Scott Astroworld

It was this exact video that made me realise that something about this concert was very wrong.

In fact there are many videos on Youtube from fans who you can see were visibly concerned, climbing their way up to the cameramen recording the infamous Astroworld concert, shouting that people have died in the crowd.

Now, you may give the camera man or the security guards the benefit of the doubt and say that in the dark, and with the loudness of the music it may have been hard to see or hear the harrowing screams of ‘Help!’ and ‘Stop the concert’ which were audibly recognisable from videos which have surfaced online.

Youtuber Pat Gardner recorded the ordeal from the very early hours of the day – 6pm when artist Don Toliver came on stage – in the video you can see the fear in the eyes of a sea of frantic teenagers being pushed away from their friends and drowning into the crowd.

One girl you can see at …. In the video actually disappear from sight as she falls downwards. As Youtuber 03:10 Surfaced from the crowd with his girlfriend and sister, he showed the blood on his shirt from someone on the inside.

But for me, it was the moment in the video which I have linked above that he acknowledged the ambulance surfing into a crowd of fans that he realised that something was wrong. Now, I have never seen an ambulance driving through a crowd at a concert before and he looked reasonably concerned, but after a few nods, Travis Scott said the most chilling words – “I wont to make this mother fucking crowd shake!” as he continued to pump up the crowd into jump and ‘raging’ even more.

People in the comment section under the video described this video as ‘sick’ with some saying it made them feel nauseous thinking about the young people who would have been on the floor under the crowd at the time Travis spoke those chilling words, knowing that they would never get out alive.

This concert was being filmed by Apple and live streamed on Youtube. There was camera men filmed being approached by panicked teenagers who were informing them that there were dead people in the crowd, but they ignored the cries for help. It was clear that there was more concern in filming the concert, than there was to help the crowd.

Are they not accountable?

Along with the security guards who are reported to have stood around the barriers where people were trying to get out and again, ignoring them.

This was a massacre – with a child as young as nine in the concert now in intensive care recovering from being crushed, the youngest person to have died was 14.

Another disturbing video surfaced from TMZ, who posted a video of a trampled teen being crowd surfed as Travis watched chanting the words ‘Yeeees’ as the teen was passed from hand to hand to the front.

The concert which was meant to hold 50,000 people was rushed by Travis fans who bombarded the COVID testing security and rushed into the concert.

They are saying eight are confirmed dead.

Who is accountable in this instance?

The moment Travis acknowledged something was wrong, he became part of the problem, but something is telling me that money and celebrity will allow him to get off ‘Scott’ free with no accountability. This seems to be a reoccurring theme this year, money and power allowing you to dodge responsibility for the lives of many.

I wonder just how far the families of those who lost their lives will take this?