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A message to the Bigots in the comment section

Dear Bigot in the comment section,

Black history month this year is about celebration, a time to mourn, a time to look back and reflect on our past.

It’s a month for us to celebrate on our own terms and not the terms dictated by company diversity policies or the government.

Our stories are not there to make you feel uncomfortable, our stories are not there to divide or create racial tensions, our stories are there for people to understand the world through our eyes. For a few minutes of the day through an article or book, you get to understand our experiences and the battles we have fought silently through every corporation and loudly after every act of violence on us, whilst you could comfortably turn a blind eye.

But under every article, documentary, interview or film sharing the black experience in the UK, I see a comment section of denial from you, rejection and straight up bigotry.

How dare you dismiss our pain, our feelings, our lived experience, because you are not elevated enough to comprehend a different perspective from your own.

The black experience is a human experience which deserves to be documented.

Yet you choose to reject it because you don’t understand it. Your bigoted comments create chaos to disrupt moments of valuable teaching; diminishing the existence of injustice and blaming oppression on the oppressed because it fails to fit into your world of logic.

I have been living my whole life through your Eurocentric lense, seeing depictions of myself as violent, aggressive, uneducated. I’ve watched my history be reduced down to slavery and subservience because it fits into a narrative which makes sense in your world. Yet, I dealt with this falsification by choosing to work harder to exceed the low expectations society had of me.

I was always taught that your skin doesn’t determine what type of person you are, but it determines the way people treat you.

So why when we are trying to share these lived experiences to educate, bring awareness and help others who have dealt with the same issues, not to feel so alone, why do you seek to destroy this progress?

We do not want to make you feel guilty, and your guilt can only be a reflection of your own internal battles.

Despite the wrongs of your ancestors past, I as a black women can still accept you in the present as an individual, tied only to your present actions and words, why can I not be treated the same or even speak out about my mistreatment?

I don’t have a chip on my shoulder, I actually walk through life giving people the benefit of the doubt, naively seeing only the good in them. I work hard to lift the voices of the underrepresented or those who have experienced injustice, as I believe equally their voices matter as much as anyone else’s, but if their experience have anything remotely to do with racism, the window of timing on the issue is so small because you don’t want me to talk about it and my question is, why?

Racism is nothing but a social construct, which means someone is benefitting from its existence and I can tell you now, racists you are not the ones benefitting from this divide.

I do not believe racism will destroy us, but what will destroy us is how we choose to deal with it and heal from it.

Again, racism needs to be an area in which we heal from on both sides. The psychological and the physical effects it can have on either side can be detrimental and whilst we sit fighting over the very skin that connects us all, the world is crumbling beneath us.

God is watching us all be deceived by this illusion of indifference because of our egos and pride. We all need to let go of this illusion of indifference because it is stopping us from understanding one another.

Every group has their own story and no story is more or less important than the other.