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The Freedom Package

If I offered you a freedom package which would require you to sacrifice your happiness and livelihood, would you take it?

What about a 10 year marriage, with endless financial stability, but no emotional fulfilment?

Or a jet setting career which would cost you your marriage and the love of your children?

Would you take freedom if it came at the cost of the people you love or your livelihood?

Think about it, why do the freedoms offered by this modern world come at the cost of something truly important.

Truly think about what is on offer from the modern world we live in right now as freedom.

It’s all tangible.

How can a person ever truly be free when their freedom is linked to external symbols of freedom.

True freedom starts in the mind, and I would even go as far as to argue that true freedom is purely mental. It’s the unlocking of your mental limitations, or your bounds of ignorance. The ability to find out who you are and be who you are, without the imposition of modern day conditioning, or the need to comply.

It’s a process of self-exploration, which requires a journey of failures and successes. These are the only true keys to freedom, building our own set of values, morals and boundaries as we grow. True freedom is the space which allows this growth to take place.

Freedom is not limitation, condition or anything tangible. True freedom therefore cannot be politicised or monopolized.

The modern day concept of freedom has been built upon the condition of external ownership. Yet, ownership, in a world full of brokenness is never truly what it means on paper. Ownership in this world comes at the cost of a third party, a middle man, a broker or entity in the middle, reaping the benefit off your yearning to be free. Its completely abstract from the true meaning of sovereignty.

You see, the concept of freedom has been sold to us as a way of life that is only accessible through financial wealth or tangible assets. Yet, when you look around at those who ‘have it all’, who have followed the systematic ‘yellow brick road’ – you see that these roads never lead to freedom.

They lead to a world full of problems, stresses and limited time.

At some point, the penny drops that the hard work for this ‘freedom package’ comes at the cost of something else, something truly important.

What, you ask?

Well, what about meaningful relationships, family, physical health or an inability to ever truly know who you are?

In a world which has become continuously restricted by state policy, psychological warfare and capitalism, freedom is now a commodity which can be bought and sold on the stock market for the highest bidder.

Its become valuable and with value, comes exploitation. Our quest for modern day freedom has been used to control our decision making, our job choices and even whether we choose to have a family or not.

We spend so much of our lives within a system that is not built to lead us to true freedom that our definition of freedom is completely distorted. It really has nothing to do with anything external.

External freedoms lead us to be co-dependant on ‘things’, ‘people’ and ‘infrastructure’. But once all of this is taken away, once ‘things’ lose their value, infrastructure starts to break down and people lose trust in one another, are you still free?

Think about it, when all has been stripped away and you are left with yourself, are you truly free or has something tangible become an extension of your freedom?

‘Where’s my freedom package REFUND!’ shouts the disillusioned middle class in aisle one!! Ha.

But in all seriousness, this world is in dyer need of innovation. We cant continue to fall into the traps of a system which has us repeating the cycle of generations past.

Ideas are the new currency, and new ideas come from the freedom to create. Spending time in dead end jobs, wrapped up in debt and worried about money doesn’t lead to innovation.

But not all hope is lost, because believe it or not, despite what the government may want you to think, COVID has created a true freedom era, where anything is truly possible and true freedom is at your grasp. But are you ready for that?

Fear and stagnation is the enemy of our freedom and over the past few years, wars, pandemics, and overall brutality has kept many of us in this state. It’s a pit you fall into when you have given up on chasing that burning desire and ambition to keep going. Fear will make you fall in line, rush out of competition or even convince you to work against your own interest.

You see, freedom releases you of all attachment to things, people and places. Its monk living, allowing rather than controlling. True freedom starts in the mind before it manifests in life. What you can see in your minds eye, can be in your reality.

You can have it all. You don’t have to sacrifice. Fulfilment is at your whim if you allow yourself to think for yourself and unlearn the teachings of the past which thrust you into commitments which work against your inner ability to innovate.

Your intuition is your life compass which will lead you away from those decisions which aren’t meant for you and your heart will lead you to what’s for you. But your mind must be truly clear to feel the direction. And yes, I said feel it, not see it.

In this time, allow yourself to witness your attachments and your addictions as the illusions of the last era come tumbling down. People are still bidding for their freedom package as we speak which is making it such a hot commodity, but you don’t have to be one of them because the truth is, attachment is a dying market and I expect it to come crashing down in the near future.

Profit over lives: Travis Scott Astroworld

It was this exact video that made me realise that something about this concert was very wrong.

In fact there are many videos on Youtube from fans who you can see were visibly concerned, climbing their way up to the cameramen recording the infamous Astroworld concert, shouting that people have died in the crowd.

Now, you may give the camera man or the security guards the benefit of the doubt and say that in the dark, and with the loudness of the music it may have been hard to see or hear the harrowing screams of ‘Help!’ and ‘Stop the concert’ which were audibly recognisable from videos which have surfaced online.

Youtuber Pat Gardner recorded the ordeal from the very early hours of the day – 6pm when artist Don Toliver came on stage – in the video you can see the fear in the eyes of a sea of frantic teenagers being pushed away from their friends and drowning into the crowd.

One girl you can see at …. In the video actually disappear from sight as she falls downwards. As Youtuber 03:10 Surfaced from the crowd with his girlfriend and sister, he showed the blood on his shirt from someone on the inside.

But for me, it was the moment in the video which I have linked above that he acknowledged the ambulance surfing into a crowd of fans that he realised that something was wrong. Now, I have never seen an ambulance driving through a crowd at a concert before and he looked reasonably concerned, but after a few nods, Travis Scott said the most chilling words – “I wont to make this mother fucking crowd shake!” as he continued to pump up the crowd into jump and ‘raging’ even more.

People in the comment section under the video described this video as ‘sick’ with some saying it made them feel nauseous thinking about the young people who would have been on the floor under the crowd at the time Travis spoke those chilling words, knowing that they would never get out alive.

This concert was being filmed by Apple and live streamed on Youtube. There was camera men filmed being approached by panicked teenagers who were informing them that there were dead people in the crowd, but they ignored the cries for help. It was clear that there was more concern in filming the concert, than there was to help the crowd.

Are they not accountable?

Along with the security guards who are reported to have stood around the barriers where people were trying to get out and again, ignoring them.

This was a massacre – with a child as young as nine in the concert now in intensive care recovering from being crushed, the youngest person to have died was 14.

Another disturbing video surfaced from TMZ, who posted a video of a trampled teen being crowd surfed as Travis watched chanting the words ‘Yeeees’ as the teen was passed from hand to hand to the front.

The concert which was meant to hold 50,000 people was rushed by Travis fans who bombarded the COVID testing security and rushed into the concert.

They are saying eight are confirmed dead.

Who is accountable in this instance?

The moment Travis acknowledged something was wrong, he became part of the problem, but something is telling me that money and celebrity will allow him to get off ‘Scott’ free with no accountability. This seems to be a reoccurring theme this year, money and power allowing you to dodge responsibility for the lives of many.

I wonder just how far the families of those who lost their lives will take this?