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The Scrutiny Hour is my first solo project curated during the lockdown period. In this podcast, I take an innovative approach to investigative reporting in the form of a creative podcast lead by key discussions on topics of the times.

I have always been obsessed with investigative journalism and here I get to take a deeper look into under reported issues which effect underrepresented groups. Expect to hear content covering the topics of policing, politics, Covid1 9, mental health and areas of social injustice. I look at how all of these subjects particularly effect BME communities, as they are over represented in many ways on the wrong side of these stories and I would like to find out why?

If you haven’t already, listen to the first episode and the teaser below. Episode 2 is coming next week ………

Childbirth during a pandemic The Scrutiny Hour

A discussion with Midwife Benash Nazmeen on her experience facilitating birth during a pandemic. She discusses her experience and advocacy for equality within the Midwifery sector and the education system and what she has learnt working in the UAE and the NHS.  — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Childbirth during a pandemic
  2. What is Racial Trauma Anyway: a discussion with Dr. Erlanger Turner P.h.D.
  3. Racial Trauma: Where does racism come from?
  4. Policing while black: A discussion with Detective Shaun Pascal Part Two
  5. Policing while black: A discussion with Detective Shaun Pascal Part One

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