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The Scrutiny hour is an investigative podcast series hosted by Journalist and Producer, Lisa Hanley. Expect to hear original stories and interviews on topics of social injustice within society and around the globe. Lisa speaks with experts, thought leaders and changemakers to unearth the truth behind the headlines.

With a passion for investigative journalism, on this project she takes a deeper look into under reported issues which effect underrepresented groups. Expect to hear content covering the topics of policing, politics, Covid1 9, mental health and areas of social injustice around the globe.

Lisa has also tackled subjects particularly effecting BAME communities, as they are over represented in many ways on the wrong side of these stories.

If you haven’t already you can listen below……….

Life after Unschooling with Delphine Ryan The Scrutiny Hour

A discussion with Engineer and STEM Ambassador Delphine Ryan on life after unschooling. Delphine has worked as a supply teacher in classes, and has also homeschooled her own children. She discusses her and her children's experience within the education system and obsession with behavior monitoring.  — Send in a voice message:
  1. Life after Unschooling with Delphine Ryan
  2. Teaching children about Metaphysics, Spirituality and Teleportation with the Angels School
  3. Unschooling off the grid with Bruce & Annie
  4. Unschooling the West trailer
  5. Nevis: The Island thriving through Covid – An Interview with Premiere Mark Brantley Part two

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